BARTAL | COHEN | ADVOCATES specializes in all aspects of Israeli Criminal Law, with special emphasis on white collar crimes, severe offenses, military criminal offenses and unique administrative litigation. We choose our cases with extreme care, representing normative people with no prior record – as a principal, in order to provide individualized, professional legal services to our clients.

Headed by Ofer Bartal and Dov Gilad Cohen, the firm delivers a combination of in-depth, interdisciplinary knowledge in criminal, economic and technological law which gives us a unique advantage managing complex white collar crime cases, alongside "classic" offenses, such as violence and sexual harassment.

Over the years, our firm has represented clients in cases involving, inter alia, fraud, gambling and money laundering charges, tax felonies, restraint of trade (antitrust), executive and corporate offenses, security offenses, computer crimes, bribery, forgery, etc. Furthermore, we offer in-depth legal counseling and opinions to companies, office holders, business people and independent professionals on managing the risks and criminal exposure that might arise during their routine work.

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